Deborah Epelman

AL. BARAO DE LIMEIRA 1440 AP. 81 CEP-01202-002 - SAO PAULO

Most Recent Training Program:
'11 Master Trainer
Professional Title or NLP Institute:
NLP advanced trainer/ institute PAC - Programacao em Auto-Conhecimento e Comunicacao (self- knowledge and communication programming)
NLP Qualification:
Skills for intuition (1986), practitioner (1989) and master-practitioner (1989 & 1990) in Brasil=sbpnl
trainer's training (1993) & advanced trainer's training (1997) = NLP university
NLP health community certification (1996)
NLP leadership project (1997)
'tools of the spirit' = Robert Dilts & Robert Mc Donald (1995)
'unified field theory' = Robert Dilts (1995)
'addiction, compulsion & identity' (1995) = Todd Epstein

Other Educational or Professional Qualifications:
Professional areas that you apply NLP to:
Therapy and trainings=practitioner, master-practitioner, trainings at schools and companies
Significant accomplishments and contributions:
Techniques with Ericksonian language for pregnnants and reiki therapy
Ongoing projects and research:
Works with pregnants - communication with fetus
Specific skills and resources you have to contribute to the community:
Skills for human evolution using NLP, Reiki and studies of Gurdjeff, Ouspenski, Sufi and Caballa
Mission Statement:
I want to help people for gotten them spiritually evolution using nlp skills and then make a peacefully and a healthy world where people may live with love
Metaphor for my mission:

Languages Spoken:
Portuguese and English
Other information (personal trivia, etc.):

Where geographically are you willing to travel:
All over in Brasil and South America

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