Jessica Riberi Ceron

Av. Bellet 77 of.1403 Providencia. Santiago
+56 02 2360766

Most Recent Training Program:
'11 Master Trainer
Professional Title or NLP Institute:
Psychologist / Gestor PNL - Chile
NLP Qualification:
Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLPU
Visionary Leadership and Modeling Genius Strategy Seminar by Roberts Dilts
Metaphor Seminar by J. Grinder
Hypnosis and Self Therapy Program by Stephen Gilligan
Family Constellations Program I, II and III, by Svagito Liebermeister, Spain.

Other Educational or Professional Qualifications:
Diploma in Human Recourses and Qualitative Technique for Research in Psychology.
Professional areas that you apply NLP to:
Training and Coach. Psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy, Coach, Training Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Coach in NLP
Significant accomplishments and contributions:
I lead Gestor, an NLP Center in Chile. Conversemos de la Adopción; Semillas de PNL para la calidad de vida; those e books you can find then in I lead the Coach and Trainer Society, Gestor-Chile.
Ongoing projects and research:
Leading a Coach and Trainer Society, who does research and modeling. Research on Archetypes. Master Practitioner Affiliation with NLPU. Research on Insomnia and NLP.
Specific skills and resources you have to contribute to the community:
Training Creating an NLP Community in Chile. Training. Writing. Research.
Mission Statement:
My mission is create different alternative for healing and quality life.
Metaphor for my mission:
Semilla de calidad de vida. "Seed of quality life."
Languages Spoken:
Español and English
Other information (personal trivia, etc.):

Where geographically are you willing to travel:

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