Toktam Gharai

Email: California Branch
Website: California Branch:
KanoonNLPIran کانون ان ال پی , Suit 11 #52 Barazandeh Street, Seid khan Dandan bridges Teheran
+982188742427 +19493006594
Most Recent Training Program:
'16 Master Trainer
Professional Title or NLP Institute:
KANOON NLP IRAN (Iran NLP Center) Since 2000 – Dr. Maximilien Kourosh Moaddeli (CEO) Universal NLP Institute (U.S.A) since 2017 California Branch Toktam Gharai (CEO)
NLP Qualification:
NLPMaster Trainers, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Enneagram, EMDR, Success Factor of Modeling Persuasion Engineering, Emotional Freedom Technic (EFT) Collective intelligence, Metaphor, New code NLP, Neuro hypnosis with John Grinder-Rechard Blander,Robert Dilts , Judith Delozier
Other Educational or Professional Qualifications:
Kourosh Moadeli:Acupuncture (chines médecin) Toktam Gharai:Agricultural Engineering Plant Protection
Professional areas that you apply NLP to:
Improving Business and Personal Communication Capabilities, Self-Motivation, Transforming Beliefs, Personal & Business Goal-Setting, Improving Public Speaking Skills, Relationship Improvement and Success Factor Modeling.
professional experience A business consultant and personal coach with excellent communication & organizational abilities, negotiations and influencing skills.
Significant accomplishments and contributions:
Published 5th books about book, CD and Film production about NLP and successful lifestyle, Realized 120 Radio program about lifestyle and Business Coaching, seminar and workshop for personal map development, couples therapy & Presented an NLP workshop at the FH Joanneum International university Graz-Austria
Ongoing projects and research:
We would like to participate in the globalization of NLP also cooperation with international NLP and bring the goodness of real NLP into the Middle East to help people to bring peace to their mind and life
Specific skills and resources you have to contribute to the community:
Researcher, organizations the seminars for the trainees of our community in Iran collaboration to interchange students between the countries (Iran France U.S), organize the NLP journey in the world.
Mission Statement:
Opening peoples mind and doors to learn new knowledge, to endings the prejudice Participates to make a happy world
Metaphor for my mission:
We feel like we are a river who crosses drylands and by our movements, those lands become green, and the flowers bloom.
Languages Spoken:
Persian, English, French
Other information (personal trivia, etc.):
کانون ان ال پی ایران به مدیریت دکتر کوروش معدلی وشاخه کالیفرنیا به مدیریت تکنم قرایی نماینده رسمی دانشگاه ان ال پی و برگزارکننده دورههای استاندارد ان ال پی در ایران و آمریکا و فرانسه همراه با ارائه مدرک رسمی از دانشگاه ان ال پی به مدیریت رابرت دیلتز برای اطلاعات بیشتر تماس بگیرید
Where geographically are you willing to travel:
We are willing to travel anywhere that allows us to share our passion.

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