Sofi Larran

5, rue de la Scie 1207 Geneva Switzerland & Argentina
+41 78 756 1414

Most Recent Training Program:
'14 Master Trainer
Professional Title or NLP Institute:
Human Resources Consultant - Business Owner
NLP Qualification:
Master Trainer (NLPU 2014) Trainer and Consultancy (NLPU 2012)
Other Educational or Professional Qualifications:
Master in Economcis - University of Fribourg – Switzerland Master Coach IDC Geneva - Switzerland Certified Trainer ComProfiles "Leadership and relational Growth"
Professional areas that you apply NLP to:
Executive Coaching; Career Development; Talent Management and Trainings for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Human Resources Consultancy; Executive and Business Coach; Developing and Delivering Trainings in Leadership, Goals Setting and Performance, Change Management, Communication
Significant accomplishments and contributions:
Following 12 years experience as Manager in different departments of the Private Banking industry, I've decided several years ago to develop my career as an independent HR Consultant, Coach and Trainer. A simultaneous multicultural and multidisciplinary approach as Economist and Coach allows me to act as a strategic advisor for Business Leaders. I have participated to the restructuring process of several companies in different economic sectors
Ongoing projects and research:
Ongoing and current Research on Business Growth thanks to a Sustainable Human Resources Development. Succeeding Organisationals Cultural Transformations
Specific skills and resources you have to contribute to the community:
Spanish, French, German and English speaker Excellent Communications, organisationals and analytical skills Developing new products addressed to specific clients needs Business Development and Strategic Planning
Mission Statement:
Assist Business Leaders to Foster Engagement by aligning the individual's contribution to a Collective Aspiration
Metaphor for my mission:
Yodeleď is my company's name, that comes from Yodelling. Yodelling is used as a method of communication between alpine villages.
Languages Spoken:
Spanish, French, German, English
Other information (personal trivia, etc.):

Where geographically are you willing to travel:
Europe, USA, Southamerica

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