Lorna Bukkland

lorna@brisbanenlp.com.au lorna@mbraining.com.au
http://www.nlpworking4u.com.au http://www.brisbanenlp.com.au
Brisbane Queensland
+61 7 3907 0366
831 332 3334 (USA)
Most Recent Training Program:
'10 Master Trainer
Professional Title or NLP Institute:
NLPU Master Trainer, Brisbane NLP Master NLP Trainer, Speaker, Developer, Company director, Coach/Therapist.
 mBIT trainer. NLP Trainer; Professional Coach.
NLP Qualification:
NLPU Master Trainer, LAB Profile Trainer; Neuro-Semantics NLP Trainer; Professional Coach (Cert IV), Clinical Hypnotherapist; iWAM Practitioner; NBI Practitioner.(Whole Brain Thinking)
Other Educational or Professional Qualifications:
NLP Trainer; Neuro-Semantics NLP Trainer; Clinical Hypnotherapy; LAB Trainer; Cert IV Training; Cert IV Business; Cert IV Coaching; ACMC Meta Coach; Whole Brain Thinking Consultant; iWAM Practitioner; Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy;, Secretary AAPHAN _ Australian Assoc Professional Hypnotherapists & NLP Inc; Secretary ABCH Australian Board Clinical Hypnosis; Professional Colour & Image Consultant (30yrs experience) Consultant; iWAM Practitioner; Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy; NLPU affiliated Prac/MPrac trainings; mBraining (mBIT) Coach Cert Trainings internationally; LAB profile training; Personal development workshops; Have been training for 20 years.
Professional areas that you apply NLP to:
NLP Certification Trainings - NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching; Hypnotherapy Diploma; Business; Personal Development; Relationships;
Certified NLP Programs and Hypnotherapy Diploma Trainings. 20 Years Training & Coaching experience, Created, develop and design Training Programs tailored to the clients/company needs as well as many programs for personal needs Self Confidence, Relationships, children, family etc 30yrs Business Owner - Beauty Therapist, Cosmetic Tattooist, Colour Image Stylist Consultant
Significant accomplishments and contributions:
Created and Developed Own Tropical Training Environment. Ongoing Development of Trainings, workshops, co-trainings, generative collaboration, Association Leadership committees, Mentoring, Conference Speaking, Radio, Producing Own Individual Manuals and presentations. Created and Developed 3 Beauty Therapist Salons.
Ongoing projects and research:
Ongoing NLP certification Programs; Personal Development Transformational Seminars; International co-operation with other NLP Trainers, and creating collaboration in Australia to build a NLP community where people want to belong.
Specific skills and resources you have to contribute to the community:
Complimentary Personal & Group Self Mastery workshops; Assistance to Victims of Abuse, Floods, Fire, Domestic Violence. Business NLP Programs, Whole Brain Thinking, Advanced NLP Skills, Speaking, workshops,
Mission Statement:
Making a Difference Assisting People to Have a Healthy, Happy and Successful Life. Creating A NLP Presence and Understanding where people want to explore and utilise the benefits in their own Life, to live the life they want to live.
Metaphor for my mission:
Together We Can Chhose to Create A Wonderful World To Live In. Happiness Is A Choice.
Languages Spoken:
Other information (personal trivia, etc.):
Having overcome my own personal battles with cervical cancer 30 years ago, the loss of 10 unborn babies and an unsuccessful marriage I can personally endorse the benefits of applying NLP in everyday life for a healthier and longer life. I have been happily married now for nearly 20 years.
Where geographically are you willing to travel:

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