Global NLP Training and Consulting Community

The following is a list of skills and abilities that have been identified by members of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community as the key capabilities to be shared by, and assessed for in all Community members:

Training/Consulting Skills

  1. State Management

  2. Calibrating Individuals and Groups

  3. Establishing and Maintaining Rapport With Individuals and Groups

  4. Ability to be Appropriately Flexible Physically and Mentally

  5. Maintaining Congruence Internally and Behaviorally

  6. Ability to Chunk Up and Down when Necessary

  7. Giving Effective Feedback

  8. Backtracking

  9. Planning and Organizing

  10. Adapting to Different Meta Programs and Thinking Styles

  11. Using Humor

  12. Storytelling

  13. Anchoring Individuals and Groups

  14. Shifting Perceptual Positions

Other Training/Consulting Abilities and Responsibilities

  1. Modeling

  2. Systemic Thinking

  3. Acknowledging and Coordinating with Others

  4. Practicing the Principles and Presuppositions of NLP

  5. Maintaining Ethics & Ecology

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